Monday, June 27, 2011

Sneak Peak to loVeLySh's First Official GIVEAWAY!!!

HeLlOoOOO My LoVeLiEs!!!

I've been so fortunate to be having a lot more viewers stop by my page && I'm almost reaching my  *50 followers* mark so I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of my future giveaway!!

A friend of mine surprised me with these super cute clips that she hand-made representing my loVeLySh trademark.  I was completely floored when she sent me a picture!!! The clips are superr kawaii && adorable && really represent my cupcake trademark sooo well!!! Every aspect of her creation is detailed exactly like my drawing!!! Down to the sprinkles && green apple accent!!! I am just soooo completely in love with them!!! She also agreed to create more for my lovely readers in my giveaway!!!  I will include one loVeLySh clip with each giveaway!!! I'm super excited!!! 

 There will be three giveaways meaning there will be 1st, 2nd, && 3rd place winners!!!  


1.  You must be a *Follower* of my loVeLySh. blog 


2.  You must *enter* on the future *Official Giveaway* post by including your email address and also include the words *loVeLySh.* somewhere in your comment (^.*)

Here's just a sneak peak of what the giveaway includes:

Don't worry, I will re-post these rules again when I officially display all the goodies for my giveaway!!! 
SoOOoo exciting!!! Please help spread the word so that I can gain more followers!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 

xOxO - LoVeLySh

ps. check out this cute giraffe cookie that my friend made for me!!! He's just too cute to eat, but after I took a picture I just had to try this sweet treat out hehe (^.*) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

KiSsSs your cracked lips GoOdByeEee!!!

HeLlOoOo My LoVeLiEs!!!

A common problem that I face is dry and easily cracked lips.  I prefer the nude, baby-soft pink tones for lipglosses && I really appreciate the thicker && longer lasting stickiness of  various lines of glosses (Personal FAV = MAC).
However, because my lips peel, the lighter toned lipglosses show the loose skin && conflicts with the thick stickiness of the gloss.  This bothers me for some reason because I want that flawless smooth shine hehe!!! 

I tried the quick && easier way of applying moisturizer before my gloss but depending on the gloss color, the loose skin still shows through && creates an uneven texture on my lips.

So, instead, I tried applying moisturizer to my lips before I go to sleep so that it can "go to work" while I'm sleeping.  For me, I need this extra treatment time so that my lips can be fully moisturized.  It's really wonderful because I can wake up with smooth lips ready to be glossed && left with a super silky smooth shine (^.*)

Here's my top three *go-to* moisturizers that I use:

Moisturizer 1 - Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Special Edition Lip Treatment Stick 
Moisturizer 2 - MAC Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15
Moisturizer 3 - Lioele All Night Moisture Lip Essence 

For *Night* use, I will sway more to the Lioele Lip Essence just because it is almost like vaseline, with a very thick consistency that will last && moisturize throughout the entire night.  Also has a fruity jolly rancher candy scent. 

The MAC Lip Conditioner is great, especially as a lip protector from the sun because it does have SPF protection from UVA/UVB.  Also has a light vanilla scent. 

The Paul & Joe Lip Treatment Stick is also very effective as it is cute (packaging sucker), it soothes && smooths to create a softer lip.  On non-lipgloss days, I use as a touch up treatment to add moisture to my lips throughout the day.

I would say I like them all equally because they all do their number one job of *Moisturizing*, but also have individual advantages as well.

I highly recommend using moisturizers if you suffer from the same easily crackable lips like mine!!!

Protect those luscious lips && give them the silky smooth shine they deserve (^.*) 
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I feel a giveaway in the near near future (*^^*) !!! 

xOxO - LoVeLySh

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Sweet Tooth (^.~) - *have your cake && wear it too*

HeLlOoOo My LoVeLiEs!!!

I can honestly say I am not so much of a *Sweet Tooth* and rather eat savory foods, but when it comes to *eye-candy*, I found a brand that I fell head over heals in love with!!! 

Introducing a line of eye-catchingly delicious jewelry && accessories that really looks good enough to eat!!! 
Q-Pot is a Japan based && designed brand by Tadaaki Wakamatsu. 
Here's the translated concept from their website:

Q-pot. ロゴ

Q-pot. is a “communication tool” that connects one person to another.

We create “Positive Accessory”, that those who wear them and as well as those who see them can enjoy and feel happy.

Q-pot. = Mysterious pot

No one knows what will jump out of it.

We believe that when a kind heart and a big smile spread across the world, there can be “PEACE”.

Everything is super *KaWaii* with such detailed realistic craftmanship!!! When I visited the Q-pot Boutique in Ala Moana Shopping center in Oahu it literally looked like a high end bakery delicatessen!! I wanted to take pictures of this wonderful place but photography was not allowed.
Imagine, Willy Wonka's candy wonderland with a million and one ounces of cuteness!!! 

A lot of the pieces are made to look so realistic.  When I use my Q-pot pieces, people often have a double-take because although it would be strange to have a chocolate covered banana slice on my phone, it just looks THAT REAL!!!  hehe (^.*)

Here's a few of the things that I own, again, I'm a sucker for packaging && Q-pot's packaging is so fittingly cute && compliments their designs well!!! It just makes me so happy to look at these fun accessories, they always bring a smile to my face (*^^*)

Tooth Phone Charm (can be used as necklace pendant too, love it's versatility) 
Ice-Cream Scoop Ring 
Choco-Covered Banana with Mini Ice-Cream Scoop Necklace

Only bummer thing, Q-pot can only be purchased online if you are a Japan resident.  They do have many store locations across the world though (*^^*) 
Boutique locations can be found in Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Lebanon, France, Spain, Australia, && of course different parts of Japan!!!  
Here's the link to their webpage, check out their super yummlicious creations!!! 

Hope you all are having a *SuGarY sWeET* week!!! 
Please stay tuned to more reviews, hauls, && a giveaway!!!
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xOxO - LoVeLySh. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Natural Feathers, Periwinkle Sparklies, && Ekilove!!!

HeLloOO my LoVeLieS!!!

Just wanted to share with you some updated pics of the natural feathers I've been sporting thanks to *Little Maiko Boutique*!!!  Because my natural hair color is a dark dark brown, the natural stripes, blondes, && reddish browns really pop out to add that element of surprise within your hair!!! I love it!!! So easy to apply && gives some character to your hair!!!
**If requested, I will do a step by step tutorial on how to apply the feathers to your hair.  

My nail color combo of the week is what I call a periwinkle sparklie look (^.*) I originally was going to do a bubblegum/cotton candy ice shave look using the blue shatter && a bright pink but when I started to paint my nails I was feeling for a softer look vs. the edginess that the shatter gives!!!
(next week I shall use the shatter.. pics to come!!!)

** The purple color i used is called *Planks a Lot*  from the OPI Pirates of the Carribean line, check out my OPI POTC blog post in the *archives* to see the other super nice vibrant pastel colors from this line!!!

I also wanted to share a few pieces that I picked up from *Eki* at her handmade store!!!


If you haven't already done so, please check out my style mood - *hime princess* blog over in the *archives* to take a look at a collection of other super kawaii pieces *Eki* creates!!!

Natuical Bracelet 

Spring Tea Bracelet 

Royal Gold Earrings 

Also, a big *THANK YOU* to *Eki* for featuring my blog on her page!!! She has brought a lot of viewers on by && I greatly appreciate her support!!!

Please stay tuned for more hauls && reviews, plus a future GIVEAWAY!!!
Almost to my goal of 50 followers!!!

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xOxO - LoVeLySh.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Prelude To Life On Oahu

HeLlOoOOo My LoVeLieS!!!

I went to *condo hunt* up on Oahu and although this trip was for *business* rather than *pleasure* I couldn't help but squeeze in eating at extremely good food spots && doing some amazing retail therapy!!!
Just a warning, this blog is *PiC* loaded so hope you enjoy my LoVeLySh adventure on Oahu.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I was a little disappointed to be welcomed by rain!!! I thought I left all the raindrops back in Hilo... but not to worry, an umbrella was tucked away && ready to use.
 My Oahu *sister* Marissa && I had an agenda and no rain would damper on our food && retail parade (^.*)

First stop, Waikiki to visit my favorite store in the world && visit with some amazing friends (*^^*)

Take two... hehe
Fab4 - Steven, Karen, Me && Marissa

If you want more than outstanding, excellent, amazing, quality service at a Louis Vuitton Boutique please go and see Karen Phillips or Steven Choy at Waikiki!!! I can honestly say that I did not have a good impression on any Oahu Louis Vuitton Boutiques till I met these fine people.  Genuine, good hearted, && always willing to make your shopping experience fabulous!!!

Big Island Candies Cookies for us *Big Islanders* hehe
A Sweet Treat...
That's wayy toooo pretty to eat!!!

After making a few purchases we soooo needed to eat!!! Both of us were starving && it was pushing 8 oclock ish... So of course, the Cheesecake Factory was super busy && had a 45 minute wait... it's so worth the wait though!!!
I am a creature of habit so even though I thought of trying something new, I ended up with my usual...
Chicken Alfredo with Sundried Tomatoes && requested Angel Hair Pasta 
&& a Peach Belini
**The complimentary white && dark rye/wheat bread is a perfect pair with any pasta too, yummmm

We couldn't fit dessert into out tummys this time because we were just too stuffed, but I recommend getting the *Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake* if you have the chance, it's to die for!!! So heavenly delicious!!!

Sitting down was just too uncomfortable with our stuffedness, so we decided to make our way to the other stores we wanted to check out!!! Marissa was able to get her *YSL Arty Ring* she had wanted!!! Don't let the size fool you, this ring is very classy chic on.  It really stands out with any outift && can be dressed up or down to compliment all types of looks!!! It's definitely a statement piece that is very showstopping!!!
I love it!!!

We like to base our trips around food, so day two started off with a fairly new cafe in Korea-town called *Yougur Story* 

It's a very modern-cute cafe that offers a whole variety of delicious foods!!! I chose to get the weekend special Prime Rib Loco Moco && Marissa got the Red Velvet Waffles.

**Take notice at the red velvet croutons (^.*)
I also paired my loco with a Green Apple Italian Soda, isn't it just so pretty?!!

Another must have for me while on Oahu is Gomatei's Curry Loco Moco which is only served at their Ward Location.  It's soooo savory && to me you really can't go wrong with curry.  I love all types of curry; Japanese, Thai, Indian, I'll take them all (^.*)

The next day, Marissa introduced me to this new sushi spot a block away from Ala Moana called Sushi-San.  I must say I was impressed && their sushi was very satisfying for a more "fast-food" type restaurant!!!

Bacon Sushi
Spicy Ahi - Shrimp Tempura Sushi

I chose a right time to go up to Oahu because it is the turn of the season && a lot of new things for Pre-Fall/Fall are being displayed!!! Great for me, bad for my wallet hehe...
Might do a post on my fab purchases later, but this one I am dedicating more to yummy foods!!!

My last stop restaurant that always makes me happy is Mariposa in Neiman Marcus.  Don't let the location intimidate you, the restaurant is reasonably priced for lunch && the food is amazingly good.  I always get the Rib Eye Roast Beef Sandwich paired with porcini fries with their truffle aioli.  The aioli is one of a kind and because I'm not so much of a ketchup fan, I like using aioli types of dips for my fries!!! The rib eye is so soft (one of my fav cuts of meat) && pairs so well with the melted brie cheese!!! It's a winner for sure!!! I had this iced tea with mango && strawberry sorbet which I can't remember what it exactly was called but I highly recommend it, it's very refreshingly sweet!!! 

It's always sad to leave Oahu because the food && shopping are so wayyy better than Hilo, but I will be back there shortly && then I might be in trouble because of all the temptations hehe (^.*)

As always though, home is where my heart is && I will miss my family, furries, && dear friends so much when I do move.  Good thing is though, home is only a 45 ish minute flight away && always will be there waiting for me!!!

Thanks for making it to the end, please follow/subscribe && come back for more!!! 


I also picked up a watermelon umbrella that I feel perfectly parallels the interesting weather we have been having this summer!!!
Watermelon~summer fruit + umbrella coverage for all this rain 
= fashionably protected (^_~)v

xOxO - LoVeLySh.

Monday, June 13, 2011

OPI continues to ShAtTeR-Fy the world (^.*)

HeLLo My LoVeLiEs!!!

I just wanted to share quickly with you the new OPI Shatter Colors!!!
OPI of course never fails to amaze me.
Following the original black shatter && the silver shatter (my fav so far), they now have three new shades of blue shatter: navy, turquoise, && blue, red shatter, && white shatter.  I can just envision the new combinations of color-play one could come up with when intertwining all these fab colors!!!

(L-R): Black, Blue, Turquoise, Navy, Red, && White
It shouldn't be a surprise to all of you that I would pick one of the blue shaded shatters to be my favs, just because of my nautical hype hehe (^.*)
Unfortunately though, I didn't have time to change my polish, but I will most def show you what I come up with when I do! 

Swatches (L-R): Turquoise, Navy, Blue, Red, White, && Black

I believe all these colors are available now, so enjoy && have fun with it...
*ShaTtErFy* yourself, you deserve it (^.*)

Please stay tuned to more haul reviews, my take on the turn of the season && the anticipation of pre-fall/fall styles, && hopefully a give-away when I hit my goal of 50 (>.<) subscribers!!!
 *I hope I'm not asking for that much* hehe

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xOxO- LoVeLySh.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Fix: MAC Surf, Baby! Haul

HellOoo My LoVeLieS!!!

I just came back from a mini-vacay to Oahu && will be doing a post on that soon, but I wanted to get out to you all a *Quick Fix* of the MAC Surf, Baby! line that just recently launched && are in stores now!!! 

This collection is a nice introduction to summer.  It's very fun with an eccentric play of colors, also including a mini bronzing line that helps to enhance that *summer tan* we all aim for && even SPF tints to
protect those oh so precious lips (^.*) 
This line has really a whole variety of things, but here's just what I decided to pick up:

I have a weakness for lipsticks && glosses so I find those to be my *must* purchase from all the new lines. 
I picked up:
*Girl on Board* && *Good Lovin* in the LipGlass
*Naturally Eccentric* in the Lustre Lipstick

I prefer more of a nude/natural look on my lips and you can see that preference in the *Girl on Board && *Naturally Eccentric* which are both a very creamy nude which pairs well together.
However, I really love *Good Lovin* projecting a more coral creamy peach color.  Orangeish lips are extremely IN this season && can be seen throughout the fashion world, especially in magazine ads.  I personally can't pull of the orange-orange look, so I find myself falling into the coral/peach range && really enjoy the color play it adds to a look!!!

Lipglass: Top - Girl on Board, Bottom - Good Lovin

Next, the micro-fine cheek powder named *My Paradise* is definitely a go-to blush for suckers like me who love packaging && collectible eye-candy (^_~) !!! Isn't this packaging just gorgeous!!!  Almost too good to use.  It can be used as a soft subtle peachy glow to your summer tanned face or be built up for an enhanced glow.  Either way it's a beautiful color that encaptures summer.
**Also, the hibiscus gold will help to really make your face glow and produce a sun-goddess look**

A must have when playing in the sun is the SPF 20 Sun Tints.  We tend to forget protecting our sun-kissed lips when applying sun-tan lotion pretty much everywhere else.  This liquid lip-balm tint will not only protect your lips from the sunshine but also allow you to still look glossy chic.  Again I chose a near nude tone called *Lilt of Lily* which is a sheer && shiny soft creamy pale pink color.

And last but certainly NOT least... the limited edition Crushed Metallic Pigments in *Surf The Ocean*
These highly pigmented set of four colors are extremely smooth && easy to apply with not as much fall-out as the regular pigments.  This is a stackable set with four nautical colors:
 Titanium, Aquamarine, Bronze, && Graphite.
I chose this set over the other beautiful purple toned set because as you all know, I'm so into my navy && tiffany blues && just the nautical look in general hehe !!!
I'm not sure why, but this is the only piece from the line that didn't come with the Surf, Baby! packaging... kind of weird, but oh well!
**Also, when using *Bronze*, the color looks wet in the pot but goes on super smooth && a little goes a long way; along with all the other pigments use sparingly because the colors are super rich && pigmented!!!
It's a product that will most def last forever!!! (*^^*)

Lids on the Crushed Metallic Pigments

Without Lids- you can see the *crushed* texture of the pigments!!!

Swatches (L-R) - Titanium, Aquamarine, Bronze, Graphite

Hope you all enjoyed my *Quick Fix* on the MAC Surf, Baby! Haul!!! Please stay tuned to more fashion news, reviews, && hopefully a give away!!! Help me reach 50 followers for my first give-away (*^^*)

xOxO- LoVeLySh.