Friday, August 12, 2011

The reason for LoVeLySh being MIA (^.*)

HeLlo mY LoVeLiEs!!!

Sorry for being so MIA lately, I promise to have the winners posted for my first official giveaway up in a few days!!! Winners will be contacted via email by the end of the weekend!!! 

I just moved to start a new adventure in my life && finally have been getting settled down with my place && getting used to driving etc... so please excuse me for the lack of updates && posts.

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer!!! Please stay tuned to a super kawaii way to step up the level of cuteness to your cellphone x 1000000!!!! hehe (^.*) 

Please continue to follow, subscribe, && come back for more!!! 

xOxO - LoVeLySh.