Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feather Extensions: Add a Little Element of Surprise Within Your Hair

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The newest hair craze are these feather extensions that are available through *Little Maiko Boutique* && a lot of hair salons here (I’m sure everywhere else too (^_~))  I was never a fan of those tinsel hair additives that was the last craze I could remember of, but these feathers are super fun, chic, and stylish in my opinion. 
There are many different colors, textures && patterns to choose from.  They range from bold && vibrant bright colors to natural more subtle blending colors.  These feathers really fit into any age frame because of its variety!!!  The care is simple too, it can be washed, blow-dryed, straightened, && curled.  They can last between 1-6 months depending on the person && how they take care of them, 
but really they are LOW maintenance!!!.

Here’s a few pictures of the different types of feathers that *Little Maiko Boutique* carries. 

Janelle with Natural Colored Feather Extensions
Feathers Day 2, after being washed && Straightened :)

Love my Feathers!!!

The looks you could create can be more subtle by having the extensions inserted to fall within your hair, or a bolder look by having the extensions within the top layers and more visible.  I like the subtle look with that element of surprise when seen within hehe!!!

Here’s a website I found that shows you how to *install* these extensions within your hair.  I personally haven't tried to do it myself yet, but I’m sure if you had the right tools it seems fairly simple enough!!! I am lucky to have someone like Janelle from *Little Maiko Boutique* who can *install* them for me (^_~)!!! 
 She also has taught me how to put them in, so I can do a tutorial if there is interest!!!

For feather orders from *Little Maiko Boutique*, facebook message Janelle to put in custom orders of colors and quantities!!! 

***ATTENTION!!! Those of you in Hilo, if I can get about 10ish people, *Little Maiko Boutique* agreed to do a *Feather Party*!!! Feathers can be chosen and *Little Maiko Boutique* will *install* them for free of charge, customer just pays for the cost of feathers!!! Hair salons are charging as much as $25 dollars for feathers && application, *Little Maiko Boutique's* costs are $3 per feather, what a DEAL!!! 
If you are interested, please comment on this post && I will see what I can do!!! Exciting!!!! (^_^)!!!

***Also, I will do a very small giveaway for three free feathers at the *Feather Party* (if the feather party does not happen because of say lack of interest :P, I will mail or deliver to you the feathers && one crimp bead)

Rules for Feather Extension Giveaway:

Must be a follower to my LoVeLySh Blog
Must *like* Little Maiko Boutique's Facebook Page
Must comment on this post stating what 3 colors you'd preferably like 

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Coming Soon: MAC *Surf, Baby!* Haul && Pinky Paradise Haul

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Annual PoW wOw Jewelry Haul: *StyLe MoOd* - Earthy.Natural.Vintage Chic

Hello My LoVeLiEs!!!

I just came back from the annual Pow Wow in Hilo that I went to with my sister at heart && mom && wanted to share my jewelry Haul!! I’d classify this *StyLe MoOd* as Earthy.Natural.Vintage Chic.  I love turquoise && fortunate enough to be able to get Rick Ortiz originals.  He is a Native American that comes to the Hilo Pow Wow annually && always a stop for my mom and I.  Rick’s creation are not only original hand crafted jewelry made out of sterling silver && authentic stones; but his quality of work can be trusted && made so carefully with very close attention to detail.  He also has an engraved stamp on all his pieces && remembers all his work he’s created.  He really takes pride in his work which to me makes it all the more valuable && worthy && worth the slightly pricier prices.  

Here’s a collection of Rick Ortiz’s work I have collected over the past few years.  It’s nice because every year he creates a lot of new designs that I can find to match the previous jewelry of his that I own.

I love these statement pieces because they can really bold up plainer clothing looks && go with all sorts of neutral colors.  However, I decided to wear a few turquoise pieces with a brighter mustard yellow top today && although the yellow was a bit out there, the turquoise really went well and both softened as well as brought out the look. 

 We also looked around at the many vendors && took in the culture that the Native Americans brought with them to share with little 'ole Hilo.  Between the dancing, music, && the authentic surroundings of teepees && feathers, it was a great cultural experience!!! 

 Those of you in Hilo, the Pow Wow will be held at Wailoa State Park for the next few days (Sunday/Monday)  It’s a must go to check out!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day long weekend!!! Future posts will include my MAC *Surf, Baby!* Haul!!! Please subscribe, follow, and come back soon!!! 

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Protecting Your Hair: My FaVs

HeLlOoO mY LoVeLieS!!!

I decided that the next thing I’d like to share a little insight to was my hair products.  Alongside almost every other girl in my hometown, I straighten (flat-iron) my hair.  This daily routine becomes quite damaging for one’s precious hair && that’s where these miracle *products* come into play.  

I choose to straighten my hair because I have massive layers throughout && because I’m too lazy to blow-dry after showering && prefer air-drying, my hair will curl in or out every which way and place that there are layers.  My mother constantly questions why I *cook* my hair because it actually falls into the category of being *straight*… Call it habit, but it’s just something I can’t seem to live without.  I do admit though that if we had salons that did trustworthy digital perms (alike those in Korea), I would love to have natural looking waves without effort (^_~) hehe!!! 

Anyways, onto the miracle-working/hair-saving *products*!!! I’ve tried a variety of brands && types of hair products over I’d say the past give or take 10 years.  For a good 7 of those years, I professionally colored my hair at my local salon.  My stylist would suggest a new product every time I’d go in… this would be bittersweet because every time I went in, she’d have something newer && *better* than the last!  The thing about *products* that hesitates people to buy them is that they can be pricey, but from experience a little goes a long way, and thus lasts forever!!! I can honestly say I’ve never actually ran out of or completely used up an entire bottle of *product*…ever (^_~)!!!

My Top Five:

Thermafuse Heat Smart Serum: 
I apply one pump of this product to towel dried hair.  
Can be applied to dry hair before styling as well.  
Adds shine && smoothness throughout hair
Love the cotton candy smell of this product, leaves my hair smelling oh so sugary sweet (^_~)!!!

Kerastase Gold Elixir K Ultime && Sublimateur Jour:
I use these products together, dime size amount of each and mix in palm of hand 
before applying to towel dry hair.  
Because the Sublimateur Jour is a cream type of product, I personally prefer to only apply to 
towel dried hair because my hair tends to get oily faster.  
The Gold Elixir can be applied to both dry (for styling) or wet (for leave in treatment) hair.
Leaves hair feeling smooth && healthy with a natural shine.

 Redken  Real Control Crema Care:
Cream based product that I use on towel dried hair.  Although I rarely use this product anymore because I'm running out && my hair seems to get oily faster nowadays, I will use this product as leave in treatment after washing my hair with shampoo only (non-conditioner using days).  This serves as not only a leave in conditioning treatment, but also a protection when heat styling.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil:
I bought this product alongside the rest of the haircare line a while back.  The product is very effective to add shine && a silky feeling to your hair.  It is light-oil based && did not leave hair feeling too oily.  With all products, a little goes a long way, one pump of product is more than enough.

I would have to say that right now my favorite products are Kerastase && Thermafuse.  But really, all the products I mentioned I have used countless amount of times.  Bottom line, you want to protect your hair when heat styling whether it be blow-drying or straightening.  These products help to keep your hair healthy && strong && of course should be used alongside good shampoo && conditioner!!! 

*Quick Application Tip*  With all products, again I can't stress enough, a little goes a long way.  I have fairly long hair and only use a *pump* or dime size amount of product.  Put the product in the palms of your hand and spread out between your two hands by rubbing them together. Once evenly spread out apply throughout your hair by using your fingers as a comb.  I try to avoid going too close to my scalp because I have an oilier skin type.  Focus on areas that tend to dry out more when heat styling such as the tips&&ends of your hair.  

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Country Getaway: *WARNING*-plenty of food pics (^_~)

Hello my LoVeLieS

I just recently went on a short getaway out countryside with my good friend Naomi && boy do I wish I were still there.  We stayed at a country feely home with a picturesque view of the ocean. The atmosphere was so beautiful && serene.  It really makes me want to live in that type of setting in the future. 

me && naoms
Hank the Cow
Four AM alarm-clock cluckies
Cat Fish*ing hehe
city girl meets country (:

Being away from town really made me appreciate simplicity && the beauty of God's country.  The longer drives to our desired destinations allowed for good conversation && discovering new treasure finds also.  
Ninole Sunset

Naomi && I both love to cook, so we never had to worry about starving.  Between cooking && eating at new && old restaurant favorites, here’s a little food diary of our trip... what can I say, I love to eat (^_~)!!!

Besides doing the “Costco run” in Kona && shopping at the Kings Shops in Waikoloa, I wanted to share something special that happened in Honoka'a.  We decided to go check out a clothing boutique (Hula Moon Boutique) which by the way had amazing good deals && finds... but anyways, while we were waiting outside for the boutique to open, a black kitty comes running up towards us and starts meowing && being super friendly.  This kitty looked almost exactly like my Licorice kitty with the only difference being that this kitty's right eye was missing :(.  I couldn’t get over all the similarities.  From the little single strands of white fur here && there amongst the sea of black, a white triangle “bikini bottom” patch of fur, && the same piercing yellow eyes.  It’s like they were separated twins.  Since my Licorice first started off as a stray that I used to save from the other bullying cats, I can’t help but wonder if she somehow came from Honoka’a and I met her twin there. The pictures of miss honoka'a kitty is a bit blurry because she kept moving, but still, you can see the *same-sameness*!!!


Honoka'a Kitty

Well, sadly I'm back in reality...  but don't get me wrong though, I love the feeling of coming back home && being in my own comfort zone.  Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of what I’ve been up to. 

So long Ninole, till we meet again...

Upcoming posts will include my favorite hair products, haul reviews, && talk about a future giveaway!!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection && Silver Shatter

Hello My LoVeLieS!!!

I’m sure we all can relate when it comes to nail polish!!! OPI is my go to for nail polish because of their flawless pro-wide precision brush, variety of show stopping colors, && creativity.  What also draws me towards OPI products are the names of the polish && OPI’s collaboration with cinema, celebrities, && the seasons.  I think it’s an amazing marketing technique that most definitely works on me ;P !!! I have to say OPI products will always give your nails the *5-sTaR* look!!!

I decided to pick up the entire Pirates of the Caribbean Collection because I couldn’t narrow down && pick out only a few colors.  The only startling thing to me was color choices for the line.  All the colors are gorgeous pastels (can't complain there) but when I think of pirates, I think edgy darker rich burgundies, emeralds, and gold tones.  However, because this movie includes the fantasy mermaid aspect to it, the colors represent a pirates meets mermaid meets Disney look (^_~) hehe!!!

From left to right:
Planks a Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama, Mermaid Tears, Steady As She Rose, Stranger Tides,
Skull && Glossbones, Silver Shatter 

I painted my nails today with *Sparrow Me The Drama* since I was feeling for a softer bubblegum pink look.  My nails were last painted with OPI’s Diamond Series Magic with Can Make’s glitter top coat in honor of the *Royal Wedding* && were quite bold && out there hehe!!!

But anyways, going off on a tangent…back to *Sparrow Me The Drama*
I first use OPI *Nail Envy* as a base coat which is a product that strengthens your nails.  It is very effective && prevents chipping && I believe it even increases nail growth.  The directions say to apply it to your nails daily, but because I normally always have polish on, I just apply as a base coat when changing polishes && I find it to be just as effective. 

I applied two thin coats of *Sparrow Me The Drama*  My pet peeve is the clumping up of the polish when applying a lot of color.  However, by applying thin coats, it allows for faster drying time && you can still build up the color to increase its intensity without the clumping. 

Coat 1 and Coat 2 respectively of *Sparrow Me The Drama* 

 After allowing it to dry completely, I applied the *Silver Shatter*

**Tip** when using *Shatter* : apply only one fairly thin coat across your nail && allow it to separate && ShaTTeRRR!!! I recap && shake the bottle before application to each nail.  I know, very tedious, but it really does help for a smooth application && no clumping!!!

I feel like I'm cheating on OPI, but my favorite Top Coat that can’t be beat is *Seche Vite* !!!
 It seriously is AMAZINGGGG!!! Super fast drying && leaves your nail looking shiny, glossy, && has a very smooth texture!!!

And for the final *Sparrow Me The Drama + Silver Shatter* Look

Loving this pink && silver combo!!! It goes well with a hime~princess*** *StyLe MoOd*

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*StyLe MoOds* - Hime~Princess***

Hello my LoVeLieS (^_~)

I wanted to share with you all my favorite accessories that makes me feel like a Hime or Princess!!!

One of my inspirations for even starting this blog is Erika Kimura (Eki) from


She has become a dear friend of mine that I first met through following her blog and very soon after began purchasing her beautiful hand-crafted jewelry!!!

All of her designs are hand-made with lots of *ekilove* and using the highest quality metals, Swarovski crystals && pearls!!! Eki also has hand-sewn pieces such as beautiful bow headbands made with Japanese fabrics and cosmetic pouches that are exquisitely crafted with vintage lace details and sparkly charms.  Eki’s designs are limited and always highly sought after!!! I even find myself to be rushing to keep updated with her new stock to make sure things don’t get sold out hehe (^_~)!!!

Here’s some of my *ekilove* collection:

The SpArKly accents are added elements, but I believe that anyone who wears
*Ekiloves* pieces really do SpaRkLe && ShInE (^_~)!!!


What I Love about EkiLove:

-Everything is packaged perfectly when mailed out, very kawaii, pretty, && always comes with sweet extras!!!
-Eki is super sweet and very accommodating for alterations etc.
-Every piece is hand-crafted with excellent attention to detail!!!
-support small businesses!!!

***Also an added bonus for spending $35.00 on your order will entitle you to a free *Sexy Look* face mask!!! These masks are amazing!!! They cater to different skin types, have different effects, && leave your skin feeling perfect!!! A must necessity for any Hime!!! (also available for purchase at a very reasonable $1.85)
Where EkiLove Jewelry can be found at:

I also wanted to share a picture of my eye-lash extensions.  I just had them done today so I decided to take a picture of them.  Will do a full post on them soon!!! Those of you in Hilo, check out *Natural Beauty* for all your "beauty" needs: eyelash extensions, permanent make-up, facials, hair removal, && massages for the finest quality services && treatment.  I highly recommend them and have been a happy customer for more than 3 years!!!

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