Friday, May 27, 2011

Protecting Your Hair: My FaVs

HeLlOoO mY LoVeLieS!!!

I decided that the next thing I’d like to share a little insight to was my hair products.  Alongside almost every other girl in my hometown, I straighten (flat-iron) my hair.  This daily routine becomes quite damaging for one’s precious hair && that’s where these miracle *products* come into play.  

I choose to straighten my hair because I have massive layers throughout && because I’m too lazy to blow-dry after showering && prefer air-drying, my hair will curl in or out every which way and place that there are layers.  My mother constantly questions why I *cook* my hair because it actually falls into the category of being *straight*… Call it habit, but it’s just something I can’t seem to live without.  I do admit though that if we had salons that did trustworthy digital perms (alike those in Korea), I would love to have natural looking waves without effort (^_~) hehe!!! 

Anyways, onto the miracle-working/hair-saving *products*!!! I’ve tried a variety of brands && types of hair products over I’d say the past give or take 10 years.  For a good 7 of those years, I professionally colored my hair at my local salon.  My stylist would suggest a new product every time I’d go in… this would be bittersweet because every time I went in, she’d have something newer && *better* than the last!  The thing about *products* that hesitates people to buy them is that they can be pricey, but from experience a little goes a long way, and thus lasts forever!!! I can honestly say I’ve never actually ran out of or completely used up an entire bottle of *product*…ever (^_~)!!!

My Top Five:

Thermafuse Heat Smart Serum: 
I apply one pump of this product to towel dried hair.  
Can be applied to dry hair before styling as well.  
Adds shine && smoothness throughout hair
Love the cotton candy smell of this product, leaves my hair smelling oh so sugary sweet (^_~)!!!

Kerastase Gold Elixir K Ultime && Sublimateur Jour:
I use these products together, dime size amount of each and mix in palm of hand 
before applying to towel dry hair.  
Because the Sublimateur Jour is a cream type of product, I personally prefer to only apply to 
towel dried hair because my hair tends to get oily faster.  
The Gold Elixir can be applied to both dry (for styling) or wet (for leave in treatment) hair.
Leaves hair feeling smooth && healthy with a natural shine.

 Redken  Real Control Crema Care:
Cream based product that I use on towel dried hair.  Although I rarely use this product anymore because I'm running out && my hair seems to get oily faster nowadays, I will use this product as leave in treatment after washing my hair with shampoo only (non-conditioner using days).  This serves as not only a leave in conditioning treatment, but also a protection when heat styling.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil:
I bought this product alongside the rest of the haircare line a while back.  The product is very effective to add shine && a silky feeling to your hair.  It is light-oil based && did not leave hair feeling too oily.  With all products, a little goes a long way, one pump of product is more than enough.

I would have to say that right now my favorite products are Kerastase && Thermafuse.  But really, all the products I mentioned I have used countless amount of times.  Bottom line, you want to protect your hair when heat styling whether it be blow-drying or straightening.  These products help to keep your hair healthy && strong && of course should be used alongside good shampoo && conditioner!!! 

*Quick Application Tip*  With all products, again I can't stress enough, a little goes a long way.  I have fairly long hair and only use a *pump* or dime size amount of product.  Put the product in the palms of your hand and spread out between your two hands by rubbing them together. Once evenly spread out apply throughout your hair by using your fingers as a comb.  I try to avoid going too close to my scalp because I have an oilier skin type.  Focus on areas that tend to dry out more when heat styling such as the tips&&ends of your hair.  

Happy protective styling everyone!!! Please subscribe, follow, && come back soon!!!

xOxO- LoVeLySh.


*mars* said...

Thanks my hair guru!! *^^*
Which one do you recommend for me? And where can I find it?

LoVeLySh. said...

hey mari ;P
I'd say the thermafuse would be the best one for you!!! && your hair will also smell sugary sweet just like you (^_~) <3 Might be able to pick up at trade secret or your salon... if not, I can get for you from mine hehe!!!

*mars* said...

Ok, I'll check. About how much does it cost?

LoVeLySh. said...

hmmm... under 20, i'm thinking it was 14 or 16... but it lasts a long time!!! :)

Marissa said...

yay! i've been waiting for your hair products review cause your hair is always so pretty :D

LoVeLySh. said...

thanks rissa!!! I think for your hair type heatsmart would be best :) <3

Marissa said...

yah i want a serum to protect my hair from the flat iron, but i'm also thinking about getting the kerastase volumizing spray. haha not right now though. can't afford it :P i got other priorities on my list for when you visit me!!

*mars* said...

Thank you, thank you for the awesome recommendation! I totally love how that thermafuse makes my hair feel! Used it last night for the first time and I could already tell the difference!! Yippee!! Thank you my hair guru!! *^^*

LoVeLySh. said...

Isn't it just the best Mari!!! added bonus, it smells soo yummy!!! (^.*)