Saturday, May 28, 2011

Annual PoW wOw Jewelry Haul: *StyLe MoOd* - Earthy.Natural.Vintage Chic

Hello My LoVeLiEs!!!

I just came back from the annual Pow Wow in Hilo that I went to with my sister at heart && mom && wanted to share my jewelry Haul!! I’d classify this *StyLe MoOd* as Earthy.Natural.Vintage Chic.  I love turquoise && fortunate enough to be able to get Rick Ortiz originals.  He is a Native American that comes to the Hilo Pow Wow annually && always a stop for my mom and I.  Rick’s creation are not only original hand crafted jewelry made out of sterling silver && authentic stones; but his quality of work can be trusted && made so carefully with very close attention to detail.  He also has an engraved stamp on all his pieces && remembers all his work he’s created.  He really takes pride in his work which to me makes it all the more valuable && worthy && worth the slightly pricier prices.  

Here’s a collection of Rick Ortiz’s work I have collected over the past few years.  It’s nice because every year he creates a lot of new designs that I can find to match the previous jewelry of his that I own.

I love these statement pieces because they can really bold up plainer clothing looks && go with all sorts of neutral colors.  However, I decided to wear a few turquoise pieces with a brighter mustard yellow top today && although the yellow was a bit out there, the turquoise really went well and both softened as well as brought out the look. 

 We also looked around at the many vendors && took in the culture that the Native Americans brought with them to share with little 'ole Hilo.  Between the dancing, music, && the authentic surroundings of teepees && feathers, it was a great cultural experience!!! 

 Those of you in Hilo, the Pow Wow will be held at Wailoa State Park for the next few days (Sunday/Monday)  It’s a must go to check out!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day long weekend!!! Future posts will include my MAC *Surf, Baby!* Haul!!! Please subscribe, follow, and come back soon!!! 

xOxO- LoVeLySh.


*mars* said...

Looks like you had a great time! His jewelry is
beautiful! You and your mom have the *eye* when it comes to turquoise, you always come home with awesome pieces!
Passed Wailoa today and it looked packed! Glad the weather has held up, only a few passing showers! I have yet to attend the Pow Wow, it's going on it's 6th year, maybe 2011 will be the year! Haha!! *^^*

LoVeLySh. said...

Mari, you really need to go!!! we did have to walk && my ankles are sore since I wore the wrong type of shoes haha, but it was worth it!!! we should go together next year ;P <3