Thursday, May 26, 2011

Country Getaway: *WARNING*-plenty of food pics (^_~)

Hello my LoVeLieS

I just recently went on a short getaway out countryside with my good friend Naomi && boy do I wish I were still there.  We stayed at a country feely home with a picturesque view of the ocean. The atmosphere was so beautiful && serene.  It really makes me want to live in that type of setting in the future. 

me && naoms
Hank the Cow
Four AM alarm-clock cluckies
Cat Fish*ing hehe
city girl meets country (:

Being away from town really made me appreciate simplicity && the beauty of God's country.  The longer drives to our desired destinations allowed for good conversation && discovering new treasure finds also.  
Ninole Sunset

Naomi && I both love to cook, so we never had to worry about starving.  Between cooking && eating at new && old restaurant favorites, here’s a little food diary of our trip... what can I say, I love to eat (^_~)!!!

Besides doing the “Costco run” in Kona && shopping at the Kings Shops in Waikoloa, I wanted to share something special that happened in Honoka'a.  We decided to go check out a clothing boutique (Hula Moon Boutique) which by the way had amazing good deals && finds... but anyways, while we were waiting outside for the boutique to open, a black kitty comes running up towards us and starts meowing && being super friendly.  This kitty looked almost exactly like my Licorice kitty with the only difference being that this kitty's right eye was missing :(.  I couldn’t get over all the similarities.  From the little single strands of white fur here && there amongst the sea of black, a white triangle “bikini bottom” patch of fur, && the same piercing yellow eyes.  It’s like they were separated twins.  Since my Licorice first started off as a stray that I used to save from the other bullying cats, I can’t help but wonder if she somehow came from Honoka’a and I met her twin there. The pictures of miss honoka'a kitty is a bit blurry because she kept moving, but still, you can see the *same-sameness*!!!


Honoka'a Kitty

Well, sadly I'm back in reality...  but don't get me wrong though, I love the feeling of coming back home && being in my own comfort zone.  Hope you all enjoyed a little bit of what I’ve been up to. 

So long Ninole, till we meet again...

Upcoming posts will include my favorite hair products, haul reviews, && talk about a future giveaway!!!

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xOxO- LoVeLySh.


janella said...

Ooh la la....don't you just love those get-aways? I sure do especially when you can leave all your troubles behind....nice pictures! Where did you stay in Ninole? Glad you had fun! ;)

*mars* said...

awww alysha... i love it that you ladies adventured out into the country! sometimes a little break from the "city" is just what a girl needs to cleanse the soul!
all the food looks ono!! i see that you found the fudge shop in honokaa!! can i say... dangerous and yummy... traffic stopping good!! *^_~* heehee...

LoVeLySh. said...

thanks ladies!!! I love the country - the 4am alarm clock cluckies && no cell reception && dial up internet lol!!! Good to be back home, now to pay the bills hehe <3