Tuesday, May 17, 2011

*StyLe MoOds* - Hime~Princess***

Hello my LoVeLieS (^_~)

I wanted to share with you all my favorite accessories that makes me feel like a Hime or Princess!!!

One of my inspirations for even starting this blog is Erika Kimura (Eki) from


She has become a dear friend of mine that I first met through following her blog and very soon after began purchasing her beautiful hand-crafted jewelry!!!

All of her designs are hand-made with lots of *ekilove* and using the highest quality metals, Swarovski crystals && pearls!!! Eki also has hand-sewn pieces such as beautiful bow headbands made with Japanese fabrics and cosmetic pouches that are exquisitely crafted with vintage lace details and sparkly charms.  Eki’s designs are limited and always highly sought after!!! I even find myself to be rushing to keep updated with her new stock to make sure things don’t get sold out hehe (^_~)!!!

Here’s some of my *ekilove* collection:

The SpArKly accents are added elements, but I believe that anyone who wears
*Ekiloves* pieces really do SpaRkLe && ShInE (^_~)!!!


What I Love about EkiLove:

-Everything is packaged perfectly when mailed out, very kawaii, pretty, && always comes with sweet extras!!!
-Eki is super sweet and very accommodating for alterations etc.
-Every piece is hand-crafted with excellent attention to detail!!!
-support small businesses!!!

***Also an added bonus for spending $35.00 on your order will entitle you to a free *Sexy Look* face mask!!! These masks are amazing!!! They cater to different skin types, have different effects, && leave your skin feeling perfect!!! A must necessity for any Hime!!! (also available for purchase at a very reasonable $1.85)
Where EkiLove Jewelry can be found at:

I also wanted to share a picture of my eye-lash extensions.  I just had them done today so I decided to take a picture of them.  Will do a full post on them soon!!! Those of you in Hilo, check out *Natural Beauty* for all your "beauty" needs: eyelash extensions, permanent make-up, facials, hair removal, && massages for the finest quality services && treatment.  I highly recommend them and have been a happy customer for more than 3 years!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about another one of my *StyLe MoOds*!!! Hope you enjoyed, please follow and come back soon!!!

Till Next Time (*^_^*)

xOxO- LoVeLySh.

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once again... a lovely lovelysh blog!! keep 'em coming!!