Monday, May 16, 2011

*StyLe MoOds* - Statement Pieces && Kiddy Kawaii

After some major help from a few of my amazing friends (you know who you are *^_^*) I think my site is finally transitioning into how I envisioned it to be.  Still working on designing my own layout and getting used to using those awful codes (x_O), but slowly and surely I am getting the hang of it.  Practice makes perfect right?!

I was doodling one day and came up with a loVeLySh. trademark/watermark which turned out to being a cupcake with a green apple topping it (*^_^*)!!!

Anywhos, I willl tweak things here and there but now I can finally focus on starting to “blog” (^_~)

I notice that I have moods in the way I choose to style my outfits.  They can range from a variety of looks such as earthy, kiddy kawaii, hime princess, classic vintage chic, nautical, playing with bold colors && statement pieces, or sticking to monochrome.  I guess what I’m basically saying is that I  don’t have one particular *Style* but rather I have *StyLe MoOds*. 

*StyLe MoOd* : Statement Pieces

I like to wear solid color tops and bring out bolder looks with statement pieces.  Never be afraid to wear these statement pieces, whether it’s earrings, a necklace, or a ring.  Just remember less is more so don’t over do (^_~) hehe!!!

My go to for beautiful hand-made statement pieces is my dear friend V who goes under *LadyBlooms Jewels*.  I’ve always gotten many compliments when using her pieces and I find them to be the perfect accessory to bold up any outfit! 

Some of the many pieces that I own from LadyBlooms Jewels:

Gorgeous earrings that compliment any outfit

Hand-made wire wrapped rings-custom sized (moon stone, swarovski crystal, gold ginko leaf)

Long statement necklaces

Newest addition to my collection: wooden nebula earrings and bracelet set

What I Love About LadyBlooms Jewels:
  • Hand-crafted and made with love and care
  • Exclusive original designs
  • Great quality and affordability
  • V is so nice to work with, very accommodating, and even does custom creations && adjustments
  • Locally owned and operated, support small businesses!!!

*StyLe MoOd* : The Little Kid in Me - 
*KiDdy KaWaiii*

I love to add a little touch of innocence to down play the whole “growing up” inevitable part of life.  Like a bazillion other girls of all ages, I LoVe Hello Kitty!!! As my parents say, I should have stock in Sanrio and have been proudly supporting them since age 3 (thanks to them of course *^_^*)

About a half a year ago, I came across this hand-made boutique at a local crafts fair.  *Little Maiko Boutique* is targeted to little girls but I believe there will always be a little girl in all of us and I love how this boutique offers cute and fun little accessories that all ages are able to pull off!!!

I would have to say my go to “LMB” accessory are the CLIPPIES!!!

Can you tell that I love them???!!! And this isn't my entire collection either ;P
Can’t beat their no slip grip, neat craftsmanship, great attention to detail, and affordability!!!
It’s the perfect compliment to doll up your hair. 


A few of my favorite clippie looks!!! Super simple, super easy, and super *KiDdy KaWaiii*

Another accessory that is made for the older audience of “LMB” and a *KiDdy KaWaiii* accessory that I adore are the charm bracelets.  They’re fun, young, and well made pieces!!!

What I Love about Little Maiko Boutique:
  • Absolute cutest accessories for all ages, including specialization in bottle cap designs,badge wheels, rings, necklaces, and impeccable hand crafted hair accessories
  • Always participating in crafts fair events with constant new designs being created
  • Great quality && very cost friendly
  • Accommodating && easy to work with, takes custom orders, and very efficient!!!
  • Locally owned and operated, support small businesses!!!

Where Little Maiko Boutique can be found at:

Please stay tuned for more updates on my *StyLe MoODs* && my fashion finds that go with them!!!

Hope you enjoyed my first *official blog*!!! Please subscribe to follow && hope you come back soon!!!

xOxO – LoVeLySh. 


*mars* said...

AWESOME first blog lovelysh! *^^*
i <3'd it!!
wanna get me some statement pieces & kiddy kawaiii stuffs now!

shortcake said...

Cute blog, Alysha! Thanks for letting me know about it. I love the cupcake watermark design too--very modern & kawaii! Good luck with everything! :)

troy_w3 said...

Looks great, Alysha! Time for its grand debut eh?