Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HeLLoOOo && WeLcOme to My loVeLySh BloG!!! (^_^)

I decided to create this blog (so bare with me as I get acquainted with everything) because I’ve been following a few amazing blogs over the past year and while I'm sure I am no where as good as those blog gurus, I know I could share a little something special with the world too (^_~)!!!

I have been so blessed to have met/found amazing people who create the cutest, chicest, budget friendly but always great quality pieces!  Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop at the department stores too, but for my accessories && jewelry finds, I always venture to the little boutiques!!!  I'd much rather support and shop with these artists because their pieces are hand-crafted with love && care, limited, exclusive, && the profit is going to amazing people who like to share their beautiful talent with the world!!!

For my first few posts, I plan to review && showcase a few of my personal favorite “go-to” accessory boutiques!!! Starting off with two local designers who have also become great friends of mine!!!  

Aside from my take on fashion, I do love to cook && bake.  I am no professional but do find being in the kitchen to be a great stress relief && food makes me happy hehe!!!  I also love to try little "hole in the wall" restaurants && would love to share my food finds as well!!! 

So I'll be showing you all what makes me, who I am!!! Follow along to get my LoVeLySh. take on well... basically a little bit of everything!!! (^_~)

xOxO - LoVeLySh.

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*mars* said...

FINALLY got on!!
i'm a follower now! heehee...