Thursday, May 19, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection && Silver Shatter

Hello My LoVeLieS!!!

I’m sure we all can relate when it comes to nail polish!!! OPI is my go to for nail polish because of their flawless pro-wide precision brush, variety of show stopping colors, && creativity.  What also draws me towards OPI products are the names of the polish && OPI’s collaboration with cinema, celebrities, && the seasons.  I think it’s an amazing marketing technique that most definitely works on me ;P !!! I have to say OPI products will always give your nails the *5-sTaR* look!!!

I decided to pick up the entire Pirates of the Caribbean Collection because I couldn’t narrow down && pick out only a few colors.  The only startling thing to me was color choices for the line.  All the colors are gorgeous pastels (can't complain there) but when I think of pirates, I think edgy darker rich burgundies, emeralds, and gold tones.  However, because this movie includes the fantasy mermaid aspect to it, the colors represent a pirates meets mermaid meets Disney look (^_~) hehe!!!

From left to right:
Planks a Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama, Mermaid Tears, Steady As She Rose, Stranger Tides,
Skull && Glossbones, Silver Shatter 

I painted my nails today with *Sparrow Me The Drama* since I was feeling for a softer bubblegum pink look.  My nails were last painted with OPI’s Diamond Series Magic with Can Make’s glitter top coat in honor of the *Royal Wedding* && were quite bold && out there hehe!!!

But anyways, going off on a tangent…back to *Sparrow Me The Drama*
I first use OPI *Nail Envy* as a base coat which is a product that strengthens your nails.  It is very effective && prevents chipping && I believe it even increases nail growth.  The directions say to apply it to your nails daily, but because I normally always have polish on, I just apply as a base coat when changing polishes && I find it to be just as effective. 

I applied two thin coats of *Sparrow Me The Drama*  My pet peeve is the clumping up of the polish when applying a lot of color.  However, by applying thin coats, it allows for faster drying time && you can still build up the color to increase its intensity without the clumping. 

Coat 1 and Coat 2 respectively of *Sparrow Me The Drama* 

 After allowing it to dry completely, I applied the *Silver Shatter*

**Tip** when using *Shatter* : apply only one fairly thin coat across your nail && allow it to separate && ShaTTeRRR!!! I recap && shake the bottle before application to each nail.  I know, very tedious, but it really does help for a smooth application && no clumping!!!

I feel like I'm cheating on OPI, but my favorite Top Coat that can’t be beat is *Seche Vite* !!!
 It seriously is AMAZINGGGG!!! Super fast drying && leaves your nail looking shiny, glossy, && has a very smooth texture!!!

And for the final *Sparrow Me The Drama + Silver Shatter* Look

Loving this pink && silver combo!!! It goes well with a hime~princess*** *StyLe MoOd*

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xOxO – LoVeLySh.


*mars* said...

i'd have a hard time choosing between all those colors in the collection too! gotta love the names... OPI rocks!
also, your *royal wedding* nails were AWESOME too!!
now when can i schedule an appointment with you to paint my naked nails? i'm going on 2 weeks with no color... how sad is that?! *^^*

LoVeLySh. said...

Mari: my superstar dedicated follower!!!
you need to add some color to those nails!!! Of course I can paint them for ya ;P <3

Janelle said...

The shatter silver is so pretty! So it cracks and shatters as it dries? Hmmm...I think I need to get me some ;)

LoVeLySh. said...

Janelle: It is super pretty && matches well with the pink, green, && purple colors the best!!
Yes, it just shatters && separates into that effect as it dries, && it dries SUPER fast!

tip- just make sure the color beneath is dry before applying shatter.
apply shatter with a fairly thin coat, don't let it clump because then it won't *shatter* hehe

I recommend buying from trusty ebay sellers or amazon because it's usually hard to find in town!!

Happy Shattering ;P <3

*mars* said...

Love my nails!! Thanks for painting them for me!
Silver shatter is AWESOME!!