Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feather Extensions: Add a Little Element of Surprise Within Your Hair

Hello My LoVeLieS!!!

The newest hair craze are these feather extensions that are available through *Little Maiko Boutique* && a lot of hair salons here (I’m sure everywhere else too (^_~))  I was never a fan of those tinsel hair additives that was the last craze I could remember of, but these feathers are super fun, chic, and stylish in my opinion. 
There are many different colors, textures && patterns to choose from.  They range from bold && vibrant bright colors to natural more subtle blending colors.  These feathers really fit into any age frame because of its variety!!!  The care is simple too, it can be washed, blow-dryed, straightened, && curled.  They can last between 1-6 months depending on the person && how they take care of them, 
but really they are LOW maintenance!!!.

Here’s a few pictures of the different types of feathers that *Little Maiko Boutique* carries. 

Janelle with Natural Colored Feather Extensions
Feathers Day 2, after being washed && Straightened :)

Love my Feathers!!!

The looks you could create can be more subtle by having the extensions inserted to fall within your hair, or a bolder look by having the extensions within the top layers and more visible.  I like the subtle look with that element of surprise when seen within hehe!!!

Here’s a website I found that shows you how to *install* these extensions within your hair.  I personally haven't tried to do it myself yet, but I’m sure if you had the right tools it seems fairly simple enough!!! I am lucky to have someone like Janelle from *Little Maiko Boutique* who can *install* them for me (^_~)!!! 
 She also has taught me how to put them in, so I can do a tutorial if there is interest!!!

For feather orders from *Little Maiko Boutique*, facebook message Janelle to put in custom orders of colors and quantities!!! 

***ATTENTION!!! Those of you in Hilo, if I can get about 10ish people, *Little Maiko Boutique* agreed to do a *Feather Party*!!! Feathers can be chosen and *Little Maiko Boutique* will *install* them for free of charge, customer just pays for the cost of feathers!!! Hair salons are charging as much as $25 dollars for feathers && application, *Little Maiko Boutique's* costs are $3 per feather, what a DEAL!!! 
If you are interested, please comment on this post && I will see what I can do!!! Exciting!!!! (^_^)!!!

***Also, I will do a very small giveaway for three free feathers at the *Feather Party* (if the feather party does not happen because of say lack of interest :P, I will mail or deliver to you the feathers && one crimp bead)

Rules for Feather Extension Giveaway:

Must be a follower to my LoVeLySh Blog
Must *like* Little Maiko Boutique's Facebook Page
Must comment on this post stating what 3 colors you'd preferably like 

Thanks for stopping on by, please follow, subscribe, && come back for more!!! Help me reach 50 followers && I will have my first actual give-away!!! 

Coming Soon: MAC *Surf, Baby!* Haul && Pinky Paradise Haul

xOxO – LoVeLySh.


Tarynn said...

Hi alysha! i liked littled maiko boutique and the three colors i think that are pretty are purple, pink, and the light brown/white one in your hair!!:)


uhooi said...

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LoVeLySh. said...

@Tarynn- thank you!! you are the first entry!!! (*^^*)!!!

@Uhooi- thank you for checking my blog out! I will most def visit yours!! Please subscribe/follow so that you will be eligible for giveaways too!!! :)

*mars* said...

oooh... sassy miss alysha! *^^*
what a surprise... did you have these feathers in your hair when i saw you on monday?!

here's my official entry to your giveaway...
1. "liked" little maiko's boutique fb page when you first posted your "kitty kawaii" blog! *^^*
2. colors: pink, turquoise, violet (all striped)... such a hard decision!

oh and if you do have enough people to do a feather party, let me know... i'm game! *^^*

janella said...

Cool! I saw a lil girl with it on! It's so cute. I'd like to be a part of this! I'll "like" little maiko boutique right after I'm done commenting. My top 3 hmm.....red, reddish n black, and black and brown.....although the green and black looks good too! Heehee....lmk if you'll have the party! I'd lov to go if I'm available!

*mars* said...

I totally LOVE my feathers!!
Thank you so much alysha!! *^^*

Amanda said...

Hi there!
I just found your blog through eki and fell in love with all of the sparkliness. I'd love to see what you got from LV! :) I'd love to be a part of this giveaway. Oahu hair salons are charging a lot for these feathers and I haven't found a place that's reasonable yet! I'd love the natural colors...so my choices would be the brown, cream and reddish ones! I've liked little maiko boutique (and even sent her a message about the feathers) and have become a follower of your blog, too.


LoVeLySh. said...

@ Amanda - thank you for stopping by and following *^^*!!! I'm glad you contacted LMB!!! Putting in the feathers are pretty easy!!! email me for more info ^^ <3