Thursday, September 15, 2011

lOvELySh. returns with NaVy && GoLd, NauTiCAl inSpIReD nAils - - - Go figURe (^.*)

HeLLoOOOoo My LoVeLiEs!!! 

I know it has been far far far tooOOoOOo long since my last update!!! I have to say I've been just taking a while to settle into this concrete jungle of a place called Honolulu (^.*)  I must say I love the availability of things to do here && the fabulous shopping, but I am a small town girl at heart and do miss the simplicity of home.  But for now, I will make the most of my time here in the "big city" and enjoy every moment that life has to offer!!! 

But anyway, on to the good stuff!!! For about the past 5 or so months I have been obsessed with the navys, the aquas, Tiffany blues, golds, creams, && everything nautical!!! So of course when I found out that Chanel was debuting their new nail color line during the Fall Fashion Week launching 3 limited shades of blue, I was completely ECSTATIC!!! Introducing to you all 2 of 3 limited Les Jeans De Chanel colors:

I picked up the colors *Blue Rebel* and *Coco Blue* at the event.  *Blue Rebel* is the perfect navy blue... it's a super rich deep color with a high gloss ultra shine finish!!! *Coco Blue* is a soft pastel sky blue that I would call a perfect feminine Lady Chanel color also having a high gloss ultra shine finish!!!
Only con to these high end limited polishes is the brush.  It is functional, but once spoiled with OPI, there's nothing that can compare!!!

Here's what *Blue Rebel* looks like with two coats of polish:

Now, to add icing to the cake... or in nautical terms, the polish&&shine to the golden anchor---


I just so happened to pass by a small cosmetics boutique this past Sunday afternoon && came across this gold shatter - - - 

I'd have to say my favvvv shatter is still the silver shatter, but this is a close second being that gold matches with so many colors && the undertone color-play is endless!!!

Aside from shopping, eating, school, && more shopping my roommate && I decided to do something we both love which is ceramics.  At a shopping center here in Oahu (Ward Warehouse) we decided to do some relaxation therapy at the Clay Cafe.  It's a little store designed to have the customers choose ready made ceramic pieces and paint/design them to their liking.  It really is suitable for all ages && the clientele did range from young to old.  We both picked out rather small pieces to start off with but because of our perfectionist attitudes, remained there for about 4+hours or so... I have to say it is super addicting && I know I have to tweak my glazing technique because my piece had a few small imperfections such as the unevenness of the color and also the running of certain colors... All in all though I'd say it was a super kawaii *fugu-chan* success!!! (^.*)

Here's the final product of what I worked on for a good half of the day:

I had a hard time deciding what to paint so I went with a chubby fish && turned it into a puffer fish, which when are babies or cartoon designed are one of my favorite fishes!!! 

Here's a few pics of the steps in creating my puffy:

But anyways, thank you all for being soOOOo very patient!!! Will be having a giveaway again soon--- kind of like a loVeLySh. welcome back to the blogging world hehe!!! 

Again, congratulations to the winners of the 1st official loVeLySh. giveaway!!! Please stay tuned to more inspired looks, reviews, && giveaways!!! Also, please continue to follow && subscribe && I promise to not be sOoO MIA anymore (^.*)

xOxO - LoVeLySh. 


*mars* said...

Yayyy... Love-lysh is BACK!! *^^*
We've missed you so!! Heehee...
Love love the Chanel colors and the gold shatter really makes it pop!
And your fugu-chan turned out great! I miss doing that, can we go when I come up? *^^* we used to make bento foods and go... that was we could stay long time!!
Now that you're back, I'll be looking forward to more blogging action from ya!!
Loveya!! *^^*

janella said...

Woohoo! Lovelysh is back! I was gonna text you one day to ask what happened....glad to see you back in action! Looks like you are having some fun and can't wait to read more updates! ;)

Lkang54 said...

Hello sissypie love!! I love the pretty nails and the cute fish! imy&ly!!!! :)