Monday, June 13, 2011

OPI continues to ShAtTeR-Fy the world (^.*)

HeLLo My LoVeLiEs!!!

I just wanted to share quickly with you the new OPI Shatter Colors!!!
OPI of course never fails to amaze me.
Following the original black shatter && the silver shatter (my fav so far), they now have three new shades of blue shatter: navy, turquoise, && blue, red shatter, && white shatter.  I can just envision the new combinations of color-play one could come up with when intertwining all these fab colors!!!

(L-R): Black, Blue, Turquoise, Navy, Red, && White
It shouldn't be a surprise to all of you that I would pick one of the blue shaded shatters to be my favs, just because of my nautical hype hehe (^.*)
Unfortunately though, I didn't have time to change my polish, but I will most def show you what I come up with when I do! 

Swatches (L-R): Turquoise, Navy, Blue, Red, White, && Black

I believe all these colors are available now, so enjoy && have fun with it...
*ShaTtErFy* yourself, you deserve it (^.*)

Please stay tuned to more haul reviews, my take on the turn of the season && the anticipation of pre-fall/fall styles, && hopefully a give-away when I hit my goal of 50 (>.<) subscribers!!!
 *I hope I'm not asking for that much* hehe

Follow, subscribe, && come back soon!!! Hope you have a LoVeLySh day (*^^*)

xOxO- LoVeLySh.


*mars* said...

Ooooohh... I likey!! Can I borrow for my next nail appointment? Heehee...

Jane Yoo said...

i love crackle nail polish!! I have a black one~


LoVeLySh. said...

@ Mari- I will paint it on your nails this weekend!!!

@jane- thanks for following!!! My favorite is the silver!!! You should try it out sometime ;P check out my *pirates of the carribean* blog!!! <3